How We Work

At The Wearhouse, we do our best to make the Consignment Process as easy as possible. We understand that schedules get hectic, and dates can be hard to remember, and that limiting you to one consignment appointment can be time consuming and stressful. That's why we decided to do things differently! Consigning with us is as easy as 1,2,3....

1. No Appointments         

We welcome you to stop in whenever you wish, whenever your schedule allows - we take drop-offs Monday - Saturday up to one hour before closing.  Allow 15-30 minutes for us to review your items. You're welcome to look around the shop, or take a seat and wait. Feel free to run some errands - there's even a cafe upstairs if you want to grab some coffee or a quick lunch! We just ask that you return same day to pick up your remaining items and your receipt. Any items left after 24hrs will be donated.

M - Th  10am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

2. Cash Up Front Option       

 We offer $$ on the spot for your items at approximately 30% of expected selling price.  Wearhouse Consignment is Lancaster's only resale shop to offer this choice to customers.  Many people choose to take the cash option as there is no waiting for your item to sell, and no consignment end dates to remember. We are happy to look through your items and give you a cash offer, and then you can decide whether you'd like to accept it, or consign instead.

3. 50/50 Consignment Split

Most consignment shops operate on a 40/60 consignment split, with only 40% of the selling price going to the consignor.  But at Wearhouse Consignment, we believe you deserve more!  We pay our consignors 50% of the sold item.  Our consignment period is 60 days for in store items, 120 days for online items. Once your items sell, you may pick up your money or use it as store credit.  Consignors having items selling at $200 or more receive 60% of the selling price!  In addition to displaying your items in our shop, we also regularly sell on eBay, Instagram, Facebook, and Shopify, giving you the best chance for your items to sell.